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SynPhNe™ & Ageing

Human body composition changes as a result of ageing. This change is accompanied by adaptations in physiological and cognitive functions which are so far poorly understood in medicine. Loss of skeletal muscle mass has significant health consequences in old age. Such loss may be due to degenerative conditions related to aging, a chronic disease or a combination of both. Senior stroke patients also suffer the natural effects of aging.

Our interpretation of the ageing process relate to the state of the neural control system, metabolism of muscle, or altered biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system. We try to establish whether any atypical movement pattern we see is actually a primary problem or a necessary adaptation to a primary problem. Possible management or treatment strategies depend on this understanding. Underlying and unseen problems become visible early using the SynPhNe™ device and the Learning Model re-establishes certain bio-signal parameters which facilitate physical and mental performance.

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