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A big warm welcome!

Congratulations and welcome on board!  You are one of the best and brightest; a member of the many interdisciplinary dynamic teams of professionals that make up SynPhNe™.  There will be many opportunities to grow, challenges ahead to be faced. Your potential will be stretched to the fullest. At the same time, we trust you will find SynPhNe™ a rewarding and fun environment to work, thrive and learn in.


Talk about SynPhNe™, write about SynPhNe™, blog about SynPhNe™ till the whole world knows. Include cool SynPhNe programs in any event you might be organizing. We have an interesting range by various experts and innovators.


If you are offering medical, health care or education to people, incorporate the power of SynPhNe™ in what you do. At present, SynPhNe™ is being developed as a recovery tool for paralyzed or weakened hands after a stroke. Show and tell patients how SynPhNe™ can empower them to take charge and augment your efforts. It will help patients and caregivers save tons of time, money and effort. It increase a chance for a fuller recovery,


Whether it is technology, clinical practice, business, science, traditional health systems, publications, business strategy or finding investors, you can offer your expertise as a mentor


If you are a student interested in doing research with us or collaborate in research on the physio-neuro approach and mind-body paradigms for various disorders, do get in touch. We have an impressive group of scientific and clinician mentors. You could also help with researching possible business models for different populations and regions, or new user interfaces, gaming protocols, internet tools, signal processing algorithms or smart product design.

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