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SynPhNe™ & Children

Research now acknowledges that all humans, with disabilities or otherwise, crave self-expression. In the absence of the tools of self-expression, people tend to be depressed, de-motivated, and ultimately have limited productivity. While society is partly responsible for a feeling of isolation among children with learning disabilities, this isolation is exacerbated by the child's inability to adjust psychosocially.

One of the most promising methods of expression for children is through play, individual and collaborative. The SynPhNe™ platform aims to leverage play possibilities using real-time brain and muscle signals to build the capacity to achieve and maintain a relaxed focus and readiness state. SynPhNe™ helps enhance reading, writing, sustainable performance, self-sufficiency and a robust sense of self. Children coping with dyslexia, attention deficit, low sensory processing skills and the like can benefit with the SynPhNe™ KIDS Program.

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