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SynPhNe™ & Stroke

The Stroke Program is SynPhNe™’s flagship offering. If a person wants to join the program, it is available at our SynPhNe™ CARE Centres or at home (in some cities). A person who makes successful recovery in certain parameters can also become eligible to receive the home-use model of the device, SynPhNe™ eNabl, thus further reducing cost, travel and acceleration to recovery due to more frequent doses. In such a case, SynPhNe™ will support the patient remotely if necessary.


The SynPhNe™ Stroke Program has the following salient features:

  • Brain and body trained as ONE system – combine physio, occupational and neuro therapy in one

  • Tailored to regaining independence rather than performing exercises

  • Can be administered at home by a family member – for those who wish to use the SynPhNe™ eNabl

  • Evaluate your progress using SynPhNe™ Data

  • Save time, cost per session, risk of injury


Clinical studies carried out with stroke afflicted subjects were successful in the following areas:

  • It could detect and display incorrect and involuntary muscle contractions during therapy practice, even in the weakest impaired hand.

  • It was feasible for mild, moderate and severely impaired patients to "self-correct" biomechanically correct muscle groups and make functional gains.

  • Recovery in long term stroke patients was superior than conventional rehabilitation.

  • Age groups 7-80 years successfully used the device.

  • Improvements are seen in gross motor movement, fine motor control, two-handed tasks, eye-hand coordination, ability to manipulate objects, write, type, trunk control and balance leading to better mobility.

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