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Principle & Scientific Rationale

So far, technology has been successful in enhancing our interaction with the "external" world, using devices like mobile phones. However, we humans interact with our own selves many times more than we do with the outside world (Harris, 1998; Taylor, 2009). Evidence from epidemiological studies and clinical trials has demonstrated a positive association between this "inner dialogue", physical fitness and psychological health (Janisse et al, 2004; Chou & Tsang, 2007; Smith et al, 2007; Broman-Fulks & Storey, 2007; Tsang et al, 2008). Communicating with the "inner" world, however, is difficult and takes longer to master for most people.


The SynPhNe™ technology platform helps us to "see" and "feel" this interaction between our mind and our body. It addresses key challenges of recovery from disability, chronic disorders and ageing to help people live independently.

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